Suicide Prevention Stay strong.

Guys, if you wanna be a part of a help group on whatsapp, then message vincentprices :)

Anonymous : I love you so much <3

Thank you <33

Anonymous : Your seriously such a strong and brave person. I love your blog. Your inspirational and amazing. <3

Thank you so much sweetie <3

Today was 200 days without self harming by the way…



Anonymous : Im not a strong girl im weak and sensitive.. Im thinking about suicide for a year now and i tried it a few times and about 4 days i will be dead i do selfharm and puking everyday i wished i was loved and didnt had such a horrible past. I also got raped by my nephew.. Im going to end my life soon

Please don’t sweetie, talk to me instead <3 Read  this :)

Anonymous : I just wanna tell you that you're worth it, you'll find out why some day, don't you worry, you're worth so much and I love you <3

Thank you so much. I believe you’re worth it too :)